All endings equal new beginnings   – Patanjali –

After well over 10 years of sweat, tears, laughter and amazing learning in two locations, Yoga Jivana is closing its doors.

Our lease is ending and therefore our final day of classes will be Sunday October 20, 2019.

Yoga Jivana has been a haven for many people in so many different phases of life; where the yoga experience of deep reflection, dynamic challenge and inspiration has been the launchpad for personal change.

All the teachers at Yoga Jivana are deeply honoured to have nurtured and supported your experience of Iyengar yoga over the years and we offer you all our sincere thanks for your commitment!

Even though we will not be under the same roof after October this year, you will be able to attend classes with all your favourite teachers, as many of us will teach in other locations around Melbourne.

Thus we will allow our beloved YJ’s location to close, as it must, then take some time to breathe into this change, and soak in the radiance of possibility, until the next tendrils slowly begin to emerge…

We look forward to sharing with you our classes of vibrant yoga in the current Yoga Jivana studio before the doors close in October, when we will then look to our new beginnings. Be sure to join our newsletter list to receive our updates regarding where we will be next!

Shanti Om

Sue Everett & Peter Scott,

And our incredible YJ team