Yoga Immersion - YI

A Progressive Learning Program

What is Yoga Immersion-YI?

A progressive course of practical & theoretical yoga study taught over 3 days.

Designed for enthusiastic students of Iyengar Yoga who wish to immerse themselves in an intensive & progressive learning experience. Yoga Immersion-YI is a structured course that will guide in furthering the understanding of yoga asanas and the fundamentals of yogic philosophy. The YI emphasis is on ‘how to do’ and ‘how to practise’ Iyengar Yoga:

Practise – Abhyasa & Vairaghya     Method – Yogasana    Philosophy – Darshana

This course can greatly enhance your understanding during regular classes as well as offering structure and progressive development of your personal or ‘home’ practice.

Next available – 2019

Good to note that in the new format, students can enroll for any Yoga Immersion Seminar and will receive practices that reflect their progression, e.g; If a student has attended past Yoga Immersion Seminar this will be noted and new practice sequences will be allocated to the individual.


APRIL – Thursday 4 to Saturday 6 – Yoga Jivana, Melbourne – with Sue Everett

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MAY – Friday 24 to Sunday 26 – at Noosa Yoga Centre: Noosa Heads, Queensland – with Sue Everett

Contact Noosa Yoga Centre for bookings + payments



JULY – Thursday 25 to Saturday 27 – Yoga Jivana, Melbourne – with Sue Everett

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Who is YI for?

Yoga Immersion is for anyone with a minimum of one to two years of regular yoga practise in Iyengar yoga or other yoga disciplines, wishing to expand their knowledge and immerse themselves in a structured and progressive learning course. A regular practice in Sirsasana & Sarvangasana is also advised (Headstand & Shoulderstand free standing or with wall support is okay!).
The YI course is not suitable for absolute beginners.

Why study Yoga?

Practising yoga creates opportunities for us to learn about ourselves, it supports us in our daily lives and in a class, workshop or intensive environment, bringing together people from all walks of life. Studying Iyengar yoga develops and deepens your experience of yoga practise; transforming knowledge into understanding. Yoga Jivana’s courses can lead yoga students towards becoming self-reliant yogis & yoginis (yoga practitioners). Our courses and workshops are designed as a perfect way to honour the desire to experience the art & science of yoga more deeply, regardless of where the path may lead. We invite you to join us in an exploration of this profoundly transformative art & science that is YOGA.

Please contact Yoga Jivana for further details, thank you.

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees”

BKS Iyengar

“Interestingly I’ve had a break through on some of my least favourite poses because of the detailed & insightful way you describe them, thank you!”


“My enthusiasm for home practice has returned & I’m enjoying the ‘learning practices’ as a structure that I can cycle through without boredom.”


“Practice at home has been regular due to the clarity of preparation you gave us”


“I love it. It gives me depth to draw on”


“The structure of the week work well, with a good balance of asana, yoga philosophy & discussion. Break times & evenings gave time for reflection & rejuvenation”


“I found overall a huge change in my practice, definitely greater freedom in the asanas and it’s been a joy to explore the philosophy too. Yoga has become more accessible, it has become more my own!”


“This course has affected such a positive change in my yoga and my life that I’d recommend it to everyone.”

Yoga Immersion Graduates