Iyengar Yoga Workshops & Intensives

About Our Workshops & Intensives

Yoga Workshops & Intensives are related, grouped sessions that train yoga students in the development of deeper awareness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We delve into both the practical & philosophical aspects of yoga asanas.

Time is taken to study a particular series of asanas, through experiential, practical and functional methods.

Workshops gradually enhance the understanding of citta – consciousness, which are made up of intelligence (buddhi) Ego (Ahamkarar) & Mind (Manas).

Intensives run more regular blocks of time & offer a variety of ways to enhance your knowledge & skill

Yoga Jivana also hosts workshops with some of the worlds most experienced & respected yoga teachers.  For all Peter Scott’s & Sue Scott’s interstate & overseas workshops & intensives please contact Yoga Jivana

“Words cannot convey the value of Yoga – it has to be experienced”

BKS Iyengar