Terms & Condtions

Students please read

Be assured that all possible care will be taken by Yoga Jivana teachers for your well being during the class. However it is up to you to accept full responsibility for yourself once you enter these premises. The guidance given throughout the class is on general lines only. It is up to you to adjust your practice according to your individual limitations, to make sure no injuries occur. Personal Yoga sessions are available by appointment. These sessions offer ways to work with specific issues.

You must stop and tell your teacher if you experience pain in any joints whilst in the pose, and to stop if you are fatigued, dizzy, nauseous or experience pins and needles.

Please also note that classes start promptly so please arrive 10-15 minutes prior.

For added security, doors are locked upon class commencement.

Thank you for accepting these conditions. Please enjoy your class.


While all care is taken to inform clients of changes to the regular timetable of scheduled classes/courses/workshops/intensives etc, unforeseen circumstances may arise that prevent due notification. In the event of this possible occurrence, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Fee Levels:

Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced


– 1 Class Pass: paid per class and is valid for a single session at Yoga Jivana.

Multi-Class Fee – 3 Class Pass: Valid for 21 days from date of purchase.

– Multi-Class Fee – 5 Class Pass: Valid for 35 days from date of purchase.

Please note conditions for Multi-Class Passes:

Beginners  class level includes: Yoga Basics
Intermediate – class level incl: Yoga Intermediate 1, Yoga Intermediate 2 & Slow-Paced Yoga
Advanced – class level incl: Yoga 3 & above

May only be used within that level ie; it is not possible to purchase a 3 or 5 class pass of Beginner Classes and use them for Intermediate Classes and vice versa.

Please check the expiration date of your Multi-Class Pass as there is no time extensions available.

Intensives – held during the Victorian School Holiday periods
Enrollment in a school holiday Intensive is best if you can attend each session of the Intensive.  No extensions or transfers available for Intensives.

All yoga fees include GST.

Yoga Jivana accept Visa & MasterCard, Eftpos and Cash. Please note the $25 minimum amount when purchasing with credit cards & PayWave. Maximum amount for PayWave is $100. Thank you.

For amounts below $25, Eftpos and Cash only are accepted

Please note that all purchases made via our online store will appear as ‘EZIDEBIT’ on your statement.

Membership Agreement for Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced

This agreement is between (“”), and Yoga Jivana Pty. Ltd. ACN 141 690 708 1st Floor Suite 2 2 Separation Street Northcote 3070  (“Yoga Jivana”).

This agreement becomes legally binding from the date of agreement and will expire after member has made required weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Unless terminated by either party with due notice as per the conditions laid out below.

I agree to the terms and conditions of this Membership agreement as stated below.
I understand that failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement may result in the suspension or cancellation of my membership, or in financial penalties as laid out below.

  1. Yoga Jivana’s obligations
    1.1 Subject to clause 8.1(d), Yoga Jivana must provide the Services laid out in to the Member to a professional standard.

1.2 Yoga Jivana may change:
(a) any aspect of classes; and
(b) hours of operation,
from time to time at its discretion.

  1. Member’s obligations
    2.1 Member must promptly comply with the Agreement.

2.2 Member must ensure that the Fees are available in cleared funds in the Nominated Account every 7or 14 days or monthly (as agreed) from the First Direct Debit Date; which will be the date of registering for membership

2.3 Member authorises Yoga Jivana or Yoga Jivana’s agent (including Ezidebit) to deduct weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments from the First Direct Debit Date until the termination of the Agreement in accordance with the Agreement.

2.4 If member breaches clause 2.2, member must pay the Decline Fee within seven days of notice.

  1. Changes to Fees
    3.1 Yoga Jivana may amend the fee for any Service at any time in its discretion with no less than 28 days prior notice to .

3.2 If Yoga Jivana increases a fee under clause 3.1,  is deemed to have authorised the deduction of the increased fees under clause 2.3.

  1. Changes to Services
    4.1 Yoga Jivana may amend the Services at any time in its discretion with no less than 28 days prior notice to member.
  2. Termination byMember
    5.1 Member may terminate the Agreement at any time.

5.2 Cancellation requires 14 days (for weekly and fortnightly payment option) or 1 month (for monthly payment option) prior written notice to Yoga Jivana.

5.4 Notice of cancellation by will only be accepted if there are no outstanding Fees.

  1. Termination by Yoga Jivana
    6.1 Yoga Jivana may terminate the Agreement at any time.

6.2 Cancellation by Yoga Jivana requires 14 days (for weekly and fortnightly payment option) or 1 month (for monthly payment option) prior written notice to member.

  1. Mutual termination
    7.1 Either party may immediately terminate the Agreement if the other party does not rectify a breach of the Agreement within 14 days or 1 month after receipt of written notice reasonably specifying such breach.

7.2 Notwithstanding anything stated in these terms and without prejudice to any of its other rights, if Yoga Jivana terminates the Agreement under clause 7.1, must pay to Yoga Jivana within seven days all outstanding Fees (if any).

  1. Suspension by Yoga Jivana
    8.1 Yoga Jivana is not obliged to provide any Service:
    (a) During the Christmas holiday period;
    (b) During public holidays;
    (c) During any period of force majeure; and
    (d) While member remains in breach of the Agreement.
  2. Suspension by 
    9.1 Member may suspend the operation of the Agreement at no cost:
    (a) if is pregnant, seriously injured or seriously ill, for the period of such circumstance; and

(b) in any other case, for not less than two weeks and no more than twelve weeks per calendar year in weekly increments,

by giving no less than 14 days (for weekly and fortnightly payment option) or 1 month (for monthly payment option) prior notice to Yoga Jivana in the form of a suspension notice as directed by Yoga Jivana.

  1. Pro rata payments on termination or suspension
    10.1 If a party terminates or suspends the agreement under clauses 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1 or 9.1, the member remains obliged to pay the Fees during any notice period and until it takes effect.
  2. Waiver
    11.1 :
    (a) Voluntarily accepts and assumes all risks flowing from participating in the Services; and
    (b) Agrees not to make any claim against Yoga Jivana for compensation or damages of any kind (whether direct indirect, consequential, economic, special or otherwise) that may be suffered or incurred by  arising in connection with this Agreement or the Services other than as a result of negligence by Yoga Jivana.
  3. Miscellaneous
    12.1 Yoga Jivana may procure subcontractors to perform any of Yoga Jivana’s obligations under the Agreement.

12.2 Yoga Jivana may transfer the Agreement.

12.3 Member may not transfer the Agreement in whole or in part without written consent from Yoga Jivana.

12.4 Any notice to or by a party to these terms:
(a) May be given by post or email to the other party’s address as directed from time to time ; and
(b) Must be in writing, legible and in English,
and such notice is deemed to have been given on the date it is received by the other party.

  1. Definitions
    13.1 In these terms and conditions:
    “Agreement” includes:
    (a) These terms and conditions; and
    (b) The Particulars; and
    (c) The Code of Conduct.

“Yoga Jivana” means Yoga Jivana Pty Ltd.

“Code of Conduct” means Yoga Jivana’s written code of conduct in place from time to time (if any).

“Decline Fee” means the Direct Debit Decline Fee specified in the Particulars increased annually on 1 July for inflation.

“Fee/s” means singularly and collectively:
(a) The fees specified in the Particulars as amended from time to time under clause 3.1; and
(b) Any other amounts payable by the Member under the Agreement including in accordance with clause 10.

“First Direct Debit Date” means the first direct debit date specified in the Particulars.

“Member” means “person who has registered for membership”.

“Nominated Account” means the bank account or credit card nominated in the Particulars. The account may be changed to an alternate account at ‘s request.

“Particulars” means the relevant document entitled “Membership Agreement” signed by Yoga Jivana and the Member.

“Service/s” means singularly and collectively:
(a) Yoga classes and workshop, intensive classes as amended from time to time under clause 4.1; and
(b) And any other services offered by Yoga Jivana to the Member from time to time.

Refunds – transfers

We do not offer refunds.

Transfers are available with written notice submitted up to 48 hours before Classes/Courses/Intensives/Workshops start date. Transfers may incur administrative costs of up to $55.

Transfers mean that you can apply the funds (less admin fees if applicable) to classes at Yoga Jivana, or transfer remaining classes to another student. Please note that all Classes/Courses/Intensives/Workshops are subject to validity expiration dates.

For more information please speak to Yoga Jivana Admin. Thank you.

Transfers are not available once Classes/Courses/Intensives/Workshops have begun.
For Study to Teach Yoga (STTY), Yoga Immersion (YI) & Anatomy of Asana (AoA) Courses, please refer to relevant course synopsis or speak to YJ administration.


If circumstances arise that prevent you continuing with the Classes / Courses / Intensives / Workshops, then please contact Yoga Jivana immediately to arrange deferment or transfer to another Yoga Jivana student if available. Administration fees may apply.

Communication policy

We encourage email or phone communication for any queries you have regarding your yoga experience at Yoga Jivana.
Thank you for your attention regarding these matters.

Yoga Jivana Management

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