Yoga Teacher Development

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Yoga Teacher Development Seminars

Taking the next step – Intermediate Junior & Senior Certification Series – Methodology & Practice


Suitable for yoga teachers working towards Intermediate Junior Series in Iyengar Yoga.

Aimed at participants that are already certified in Iyengar Yoga with the goal of enhancing life-long learning. These formal seminars include both practical and experiential learning as well as theory, and also include preparations for higher levels of Iyengar teacher qualification.

”These sessions really helped me get fired-up, focused & ready for the next level of assessment…” 

”I teach a different style of yoga and yet I felt completely supported in this learning environment. Practicing & teaching on ones own can feel isolating at times, so I absolutely loved having time to just be a student of yoga & share the process with others in the group …” 

“The challenges of working towards a higher level of qualification on your own is something many of us face; juggling teaching & practice etc. I found the TD sessions clarifying and really assisted with my focus – also it was enjoyable being with other teachers who are on the same path…”

“I must say that when I started thinking about the Intermediate Junior/Senior series of certification I was a little daunted, but joining Yoga Jivana’s TD seminars made the next step seem possible… I feel inspired to put in the work now!”


The Yoga Teacher Development Seminars assist the development of experience within the yoga class environment through:

  1. offering more effective methods of teaching by increasing knowledge and development of practice
  2. the demonstration of clarity in instruction
  3. personal development such as teaching presence and class control
  4. developing keener insight to student alignment and thus improving the ability to correct
  5. addressing issues with certain asana groups associated with assessment sequences

Teacher Development Seminars

Designed to assist certificated Iyengar Yoga teachers further their development in the teaching & practice of Iyengar Yoga.

Yoga Jivana’s Senior Teachers offer informal and individualized programs of professional development via mentoring and personal coaching. Inquiries welcome
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“Nothing can be forced, receptivity is everything”

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