My Yoga Practice - MYP

enhance your understanding & skills through personalised instruction

My Yoga Practice – all levels welcome

Wanting to develop a personal practice? Need input on what to do & how to do it?

All levels are welcome to this class as the practice sequences are personalised to your level.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced, or prenatal sequences supplied with minor changes made over your consecutive 4 week attendance.

Practice under guidance with teacher adjustments.

The environment of this class is similar to morning practice as everyone works together in the same room doing different sequences.  The teacher will touch base with each participant as they progress through their given sequence, adjusting & suggesting ways to work.

Students say their understanding & progression is significant while attending.

 My Yoga Practice is suitable for anyone wishing to enhance their learning.
– Also suitable for pregnant women wishing to develop a prenatal yoga practice.
– Take the sequence with you to continue your practice at home.

Duration is 2 hours – please arrive 5-10 minutes before the class so we can start on time! Thanks

Suitable for all levels (except absolute beginners…please attend a Yoga Basics class, experienced beginners ok!)


My Yoga Practice Class

Teacher: Sue Scott (occasionally assisted by Yoga Jivana trainee teachers)

Thursday 6.00PM  
Our classes run daily during School Terms only.  Check our Intensives page for classes during school holiday periods.

Class offered as 4 or 8 consecutive sessions (single session also available).  Enrolments accepted anytime.
Can be attended over a longer period & used as your regular class

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Classes start promptly so please arrive 10 minutes prior.  For added security, doors are locked upon class commencement. 

Preparing for a yoga class 

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We close on public holidays.

“Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together”

BKS Iyengar

“My Yoga Practice has really helped me get inspired to do yoga at home”


“It’s really fun – I didn’t realise yoga could be so enjoyable!”


“It was great to go at my own pace and develop the poses over time, its all so much clearer now, thank you!.”


Yoga Jivana Students