Yoga Jivana Membership

- Intermediate & Advanced -

Become a Yoga Jivana Member and take advantage of 
the discounts

Unlimited attendance at chosen level
6 Month (20 weeks approx.) and 12 Month (40 weeks approx.) Memberships available
Paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly via direct debit, or paid in full

10% discount on Full Price Workshops + Intensives + My Yoga Practice (if not already included)
+ Yoga Immersion + Anatomy of Asana
5% discount on Merchandise
Terms & Conditions apply

To Cancel or Suspend Membership – click here 


– 6 month membership = $1001 ($38.50 per week)
– 12 Month Membership = $1,846 ($35.50 per week)


– 6 month membership = $1,105 ($42.50 per week)
– 12 Month Membership = $2,002 ($38.50 per week)

Good to know: My Yoga Practice-MYP + Slow-Paced Yoga sessions included in the Advanced 6 & 12 month membership!
Be sure to forward book for these classes as places are limited, thank you!

Payment can be made by selecting one of the options below

A. To pay your membership by weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit installments using credit card, please select this button:

Payments by Direct Debit

* If you wish to pay using your Saving or Cheque account, please see the YJ front desk!  Thank you


B. To pay your membership in full with one single payment, please pay at the YJ front desk!  Thank you

“Words cannot convey the value of yoga – it has to be experienced”

BKS Iyengar