The profound effect of yoga on ones life is sometimes felt more keenly when our asana practice lapses.

We all have, at one time or another, either made a decision to make yoga part of our daily life by doing it each morning, or promised ourselves to make it to class every week without fail. And it happens…for a while at least, and then inevitably other things take precedence and our yoga practice gets hit with the snooze button. Sigh.

But the marvellous thing about yoga is that it continues to live inside us.
Which doesn’t mean we can just continue to think about doing yoga; we have to practice it to fully experience its profundity, but because it’s aim is to bring us back to ourself, it’s spark awaits within ready to reignite with that first downward dog (that’s adho mukha svanasana).

So how to restart? Well, begin with letting go of the mental to-ing & fro-ing and place your hands on the desk in front of you, walk your feet back and stretch your hips right back…go on…right now.

Wasn’t so hard was it? In fact your body is feeling quite a bit more awake & with it….present.

When we practice, even if it’s one or two asana for a few minutes, it opens energetic pathways that enliven our organic mechanism to such an extent that we are transformed, reconnected to our mind, body & senses, and brought into the now. Reading about yoga, thinking about yoga and talking about yoga must lead to us actually doing yoga, experiencing yoga. It’s in the doing we realise our potential, where we face ourselves & ultimately realise the truth. A little disciplined practice can offer us tremendous freedom within…Life is meant to be experienced fully and yoga brings us back to ourselves in a way that renews our appreciation for things like a settled mind, a steady breath, and an energetic body.

So how about doing a few more downward facing dog poses…

See you on the yoga mat x

Sue Everett
Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher