BKS Iyengar - Guruji

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees”

BKS Iyengar

Yogacharya BKS Iyengar 1918-2014

Iyengar Yoga is a dynamic, practical and theoretical philosophy developed by Yogacharya BKS Iyengar

Born in December 1918, Mr Iyengar’s, (or ‘Guruji’ as he is known to his students) approach is based on the * Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, the most authoritative of all the ancient yoga texts. These 196 sutras serve as maps for the inner journey, and detail a system of life which when practiced with awareness can develop every level of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – enhancing all aspects of our lives. Iyengar’s enormous and inspiring body of work has resulted in a highly accessible and very widely practised form of yoga respected by all yoga practitioners.

“Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within” – BKS Iyengar

Until his passing on August 20th 2014 BKS Iyengar practiced, taught and wrote about yoga daily. Throughout his extraordinary life, he influenced thousands of teachers from his base in the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune, India. We are fortunate that his life’s work has been well documented for future generations of aspiring yoga practitioners.

Iyengar yoga focuses on the structural alignment of the physical body through the development of asanas that aim to unite the body, mind and spirit for health and well being. Iyengar Yoga is a powerful tool to relieve the stresses of modern-day life and promote total physical and spiritual well being.
* Yoga: to unite / Sutra: aphorism or thread / Patanjali: Indian sage

Geeta Iyengar

Geeta Iyengar



The Iyengar Family


Geeta, Guruji & Prashant Iyengar at RIMYI-Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India

“When I practice, I am a philosopher.


When I teach, I am a scientist.


When I demonstrate, I am an artist”

BKS Iyengar