Anatomy of Asana - AoA

the study of human anatomy & physiology within a yoga context

Who is AoA for?

– Keen yoga students
– Yoga teachers

What will AoA do for you?

– AoA will expand and enhance your yoga practice, knowledge and experience.
– Immerse yourself in a structured and explorative learning A&P course (anatomy & physiology)

– Regular practice in Sirsasana & Sarvangasana is advised; free standing or wall support okay
The AoA course is not suitable for absolute beginners.

The AoA Course Structure

Sessions will focus on the practical aspects of the anatomical body within asana & pranayama practice.

– yoga anatomical study – set over four separate stages of 12 hours each.
– specialised intensives include asana & pranayama practice and theorised learning
– enables participants to experience and deepen their understanding of the benefits of yoga

Commitment to Pre- Course Work

– pre-course reading work is required prior to the commencement of each AoA Stage.


Read more about Anatomy of Asana-AoA by downloading our Information Pack, Calendar & Enrolment details for 2018


2019 TBC


Anatomy of Asana Information Pack

Online Payment

AoA Delivery Method

The full 48 hour Anatomy of Asana Course is offered as four separate, 3 day Intensives –
4 Stages scheduled within the year / 12 hours for each Anatomy of Asana Stage

Anatomy of Asana Stage One:
– Introduction
– Terminology
– Pelvis
– Hips & Legs

Anatomy of Asana Stage Two:
– Back & Spine
– Shoulders & Arms

Anatomy of Asana Stage Three:
– Head
– Neck
– Chest & Abdomen
– Introduction to Physiology

Anatomy of Asana Stage Four:
– Yoga Physiology
– Nervous System
– Respiratory System
– Blood & Skin

Next Available

Anatomy of Asana – Stage 1:  TBC

See above the downloadable 2018 information flyer+calendar & pre-course work info+enrolment forms.

Please contact Yoga Jivana for further details, thank you.

It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence

BKS Iyengar

Finally, an A&P Course that speaks to Yoga practitioners & teachers!

This course is packed with clear learning perspectives & practical experience

Specific body areas studied with corresponding asana practice

Maximum retention of pre-course work information is enhanced through direct yogasana experience