Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog Pose

This marvellously rejuvenating asana is like an app that can be used on any device…able to move across any digital platform. It’s the asana that can constitute a practice when your usual practice or class attendance is interrupted.
Basically AMS (Adho Mukha Svanasana), or Dog Pose as its more commonly known, can travel with you anywhere anytime.

It can be done with a friend or when you’re on your own. If you go for a run, do the laundry, work late, sleep in, feel low or feel inspired, you can do downward dog. Get the picture? It’s the asana that can live on its own or work perfectly into any sequence. It can either support or challenge you, and we eventually realise that we rarely go without it in our practice.

Been sitting in the park enjoying the sun on your lunch break & as you get up you realise you’ve been siting way too long?….bust out a downward dog or two & eh voila, totally sorted. Others may look at you strangely or they may join you….the instant ice breaker!

Travelling for a conference that has kept you either on your feet or seated all day? Back at your hotel room do some longer holds of AMS with hands to wall (inner thumb & forefinger against wall) and your head resting on one of those fluffy pillows. Blissed out mind, buffed up biceps. Nice.

Sue Everett – Yoga Jivana